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Gymnasium Nad Štolou is a four-year, six-year and eight-year general high school and four-year sports high school. While creating their new website, we have been paying attention to migration of all former content and design innovation. The website is now responsive and therefore also available on mobile devices....

Gymstola – Network outsourcing

For Prague's college Gymnázium nad Štolou we're doing complex outsourcing of all network and IT-related activities. These include, but are not limited to:
  1. Linux and Microsoft Server management with VM Ware virtualized-environment
  2. Network design and architecture with implementation
  3. License management for all installed software
  4. Support for 100+ end-user computers
  5. Attendance software support
  6. Educative system Bakaláři
  7. School's web presentation support

Project MAX

Max is educational portal for Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. It allows the ministry's employees to sign up into courses, while keeping the manager informed of all applications. His turn is then to either approve or deny the application. The system also allows managers to see useful reports on completed courses and export them in...